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Why Are Google Ads So Expensive?

Running Ads On Google Is Expensive

Google Ads are a great option for many businesses and organizations to successfully scale their sales & visibility online. However, they are amongst the most expensive digital advertisements that you can run. Let’s talk about why.


Google Ads Are Expensive, Because They Are Effective

You might be wondering, “why is this so expensive?”. The answer is simple: Google Ads are effective, and they are based on a unique ability to decipher user intent.

For example, someone searching “emergency plumbers near me” is obviously a highly motivated customer for a plumber who can fix their toilet right away, which means this is a HOT lead!!

However, the downside to this, is that marketers and plumbers already know that – and they’re willing to pay, in some cases, $20-50 just for that customer’s click (not even the sale itself)!

This means that there’s a finite supply of clicks (that have high chance of converting into jobs), being constantly bid up by all sorts of advertisers who want them too… which pushes up their price!


Google Ads Have Been Around For More Than 20 Years

Google Ads have been around for more than 20 years, and they’ve evolved along with the industry.

They were originally called Google AdWords, and they were the first pay-per-click advertising service.

Nowadays, it’s one of the most heavily invested-in platforms for digital agencies because of the consistent lead quality from specific search terms. This means that if you want to be a successful agency or content marketer, you’ll eventually need to learn how to utilize Google Ads.


Google’s Algorithm Takes Time & Money To Optimize Your Placements

Google’s algorithm takes time and money to optimize and show your ad to the exact right audience, but it also uses far more datapoints than any human could ever analyze to determine the perfect placement for your ad.

The Google AdWords algorithm is constantly changing in reaction to patterns from incoming search queries. The algorithm was designed so that it could maximize user experience overall, meaning if your content is deemed as valuable by Google, you will show up more often for what you do best. But with that being said, it does often take weeks for this algorithm to adjust properly and target hot audiences with your ads—and that’s an investment that may prove to be too costly for some small business owners.


Google ads have high ROI, but it takes a lot of time and experimentation to find ideal settings for your campaign.

The main reason that Google Ads costs so much is because of the high ROI it provides. If you’re an average advertiser, you can expect to make about $4 per click for a normal keyword and about $5 per click for a Brand Term. If your AdWords account is active and has been running for at least a month, then the amount of time it takes to break even on advertising costs will be shorter than if you started from scratch without any previous data from ads or keywords.

Google Ads allows marketing specialists to have complete control over their campaigns with all the features they need at their fingertips—but there’s still no way around the fact that every single marketer needs time to learn how best optimize their ad campaigns and keywords before really seeing results!


Pay-To-Play Online Advertising

As you can see, Google Ads aren’t as expensive as they seem. If you’re running a business on a budget and don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to optimizing your ads, then it might be worth exploring other options.

But, if you have the ability to invest in Google Ads and are looking for ways to drive more traffic to your website, this powerful advertising platform is a very safe bet for profitably obtaining more leads & sales online.



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